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Swiss Green Raw Honey – 1 KG


Swiss Green Raw Honey – 1 KG

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✓ Raw Honey Unpasteurized and Unprocessed

✓ All vitamins, Nutrients and Enzymes are intact

✓ Anti – Viral , Anti-Fungal, Anti Bacterial Properties are present at its maximum

✓ It has high Bee Pollen and Edible Honey Wax content 

 ✓ Healthy Food Healthy Living


Swiss green brings you the purest honey with natural flavors and enzymes ,Raw Honey is made by Western Ghats Indian bees and comes straight from the hive – just as nature intended. It has not been cooked, and the pollens have not been filtered out. Our raw honey is harvested at peak season and bottled without a lick of heat. It’s simply liquid gold! Bursting with dynamic flavours, that’s the kind of honey worth relishing. The kind worth slathering on your toasted bread. The kind with acidity as well as sweetness, to bring extra depth to your hot drinks. Whether you are creating a delicious marinade, dressing a salad or topping a cheesecake, Raw Essentials Raw Honey is the perfect complement. The possibilities are truly endless., drizzle, baste, infuse, glaze and enjoy.


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