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About Us

If we look at the history and evolution of mankind we see that agriculture was practiced for thousands of years in a natural way without affecting the environment. The advent of modern fertilizers and pesticides completely changed the natural farming cycle; the long-term side effects outnumber the short-term benefits. People started to take note of the toxic chemicals entering our food supply chain and its adverse impact on the environment. A new movement has started to counter the harmful effects of modern farming (fertilizer and pesticide based) that is more natural called organic farming.

Euro Organic Technologies Private Limited is incorporated to encourage, facilitate and spread the organic farming movement. The term technologies does not signify the use of software or use of high-tech turbines rather it is the use of new information, new knowledge and scientifically proven solutions that work in harmony with nature without disturbing the environment.

We are the one, providing necessary carbon in liquid form which can be feed to all plants and crops. Our product prevents plants from diseases by increasing their immune strength.